When And Why Did Johnny Cash Go To Prison?

Why Did Johnny Cash Go To Prison

Johnny Cash was one of the most brilliant singer/songwriter in music history. Throughout his career, Cash recorded hundreds of songs and dozens of albums.

Can You Play Video Game In Prison? The How’s And What’s!

Can You Play Video Game In Prison

Can you play a video game in prison? Well, yes, why not! If it helps you avoid unnecessary conflicts, form bonds with other inmates, and stay out of trouble with the administration. It’s not easy to have fun in prison. If you’re sent there, though, it’s up to you to make the best of it, … Read more

Seems Like Prison Slang Is More Interesting Than Any of Us Thought!

Prison Slang

Depending on when you were born, you’ll observe that people change and invent new nicknames. In the same way, Inmates have developed their prison slang language to describe common activities and items encountered on the inside. If you want to learn more about jail life, you should add some real-world prison language to your vocabulary. … Read more

Can You Visit Jodi Arias In Prison?

Can You Visit Jodi Arias In Prison

People frequently desire to see their idols face to face. What if your protagonist is a convicted murderer, though? For example, Jodi Arias is at the center of a passionate love triangle that ended in murder, but she has gained enormous fame even behind bars, and people frequently ask can you visit Jodi Arias in Prison?  … Read more

We Asked Can You Do Makeup In Prison and The Answer Was Quite Surprising

Can You Do Makeup In Prison

Although prison is not designed to provide its inmates with the finer things in life, makeup in prison sounds like too sweet of a deal. But some commissaries do provide the bare essentials, such as bronzer, mascara, and eyeliner. Due to supply rotations, it’s critical to stock up on whatever products are available. They may … Read more

Interesting Prison Nicknames You Didn’t Know Existed!

Interesting Prison Nicknames

In the place where you start spending time, people begin to refer to you by your nickname. Similarly, there are numerous roots for prison nicknames. Interesting Nicknames In Prison Though it may offend the person who carries the name, still they might relate to anything from a person’s origins to the crimes for which they … Read more

Can You Knit In Prison? Here’s What We Found Out Online!

Can You Knit In Prison

If you find yourself wondering can you knit in prison? Then the answer is yes! Knitting is permitted in the majority of United States correctional facilities. Due to the seriousness of the crimes that inmates are incarcerated for, a tiny number of maximum-security institutions have banned knitting. Knitting in prison is more frequent than you … Read more

Can You Play Guitar Or Other Musical Instruments In Prison?

Can You Play Guitar in prison

Guitars are generally allowed in federal prisons in the U.S. Of course, under indisputable conditions. Although, state prisons mostly don’t allow prisoners to have any instrument. That’s because in state prisons all the prisoners are usually accused of doing serious crime, for instance, Murders, rapes, kidnapping, treason, robbery, arson etc. Inmates are not allowed to … Read more

Military Prison vs Civilian Prison – There Is More Than What Meets The Eye!

Military Prison vs Civilian Prison

Most people in the United States have only heard about state and federal prisons and their lifestyles. The majority of individuals, on the other hand, have no understanding of military prisons. In terms of lifestyle, what is the difference between a military and a civilian prison? Are Fights Common in Military and Civilian Prisons? Military … Read more