Free Education In Prison – What’s True and What’s Not!

Not many of us have heard about inmates getting access to free basic education while serving time in prison but this opportunity is available for those who wish to have further education.

However, there is a lot to know about this particular topic so let us dive in and find out the truth!

So, Is The Education Within Prison a Myth?

Not at all! The only restriction is that inmates have to opt for undergraduate programs.

Moreover, not all correctional facilities have ties with educational institutes that accommodate prisoners.

The list of available schools and colleges has reduced in number over the years since multiple courses were moved online whereas inmates are not allowed internet connection.

The process of education itself becomes burdensome since the individuals are not given a proper classroom environment.

Nonetheless, if the prisoner is able to adjust, he or she is allowed to find a college that can take care of educational needs without relying on the internet.

Another issue is that of financial burden. Since most undergraduate programs can cost a fortune and there is no solid way to generate an earning within prison, it is crucial for inmates to find someone who can cater to monetary requirements.

Certain programs are more expensive than others. For example, it would be impossible and impractical to opt for a medical or law degree while behind bars. Education in the field of literature or applied sciences makes more sense.

Education Programs Available For Inmates

As I mentioned before, the list of programs available within prison is limited. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t explore the opportunities. In any case, choosing a medicare degree is still better than wasting away 2 to 3 years of life.

  1. High school diploma.
  2. General education courses or diplomas.
  3. Numerous vocational programs.
  4. Skill-building courses that inmates can put to use once their sentence ends.
  5. Specific classes like parenting skills, arts and craft, mental health awareness, financial planning, management, etc.

Is It Worth It?

The importance of getting education while serving time has been underestimated for many years. Fortunately, correctional facilities are finally giving this topic the attention that it deserves.

Experts on mental health and psychology have pointed out that not only is it a good way to uplift economic opportunities but it also ensures that inmates are generally “better as a person” once their time is over.

Moreover, when they get back to their normal lives, the education that they obtained can actually prove to be useful. They can better respond to job opportunities that come their way.

It is difficult for prisoners to find a suitable job. The programs can be just the help they need in such a situation.

In fact, high-scoring individuals can opt for student financial aid for future study programs as well.

In spite of the restrictions, innovative ways to support prisoners, provide them with useful skills, and worthy degrees can drastically uplift not only their own future but the economy and the future of the nation as well.

Although there is a long way to go before proper courses can be formulated and, later on, implemented, merely understanding their worth and usefulness is an achievement on its own.

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