Privacy Policy

For us, users’ privacy is of utmost importance. Hence, we have put forward an extensive privacy policy that discusses what information is collected, why it is needed, and how it is used by the website.

What Information Is Collected Here?

First and foremost, the website does make use of cookies in order to gather data about how visitors access this site and how they utilize it. However, only in-sensitive information is collected in this manner that may include:

  • Date of visit
  • Time of visit
  • Pages that visitors open on the site
  • Amount of time visitors spend here
  • IP address
  • Browser information.

Moreover, cookies are only collected if and when authorized by the users. Other than that, IP addresses are stored automatically by the computers on the network and help in collection of traffic data i.e. demographic information of the visitor and profile. Similar to the collection of cookies, email information is also up to the visitor to provide. In case you decide to do so, the contact data would only be used to update about the site, help in sign-up, etc.

How Is This Information Used?

The information is only used for business purposes that the website is concerned with. Any contact information collected from the visitor would be in regards to items or services offered here. Additionally, no sensitive data is required or asked for unless you choose to provide it yourself. Needless to say, the information will not be shared with third parties without consent. The only exception to the rules of information disclosure is at the time when legally required by higher authorities for protection of our legal rights.

How Is Your Information Protected Here?

We discourage users against sharing sensitive information especially via channels like emails that can easily be intercepted. The site itself utilized SSL to ensure that the information shared here does not leak or fall into wrong hands.

That being said, certain information is collected and shared on purpose to enhance a website’s performance. However, to minimize scams, the in-built software is always active to identify and protect user’s information.

Intellectual Property Rights

Content with copyrights and patents that have been used on the website is solely the property of the owners and the site holds no claim on it. Consequently, we strongly condemn the use of such content without expressing rightful ownership Moreover, no content has been used in this manner without permission from relevant parties and we do not intend to copy, duplicate, or reproduce the material as well.

External Links To Other Sites

The site may contact links that direct you to other websites. This may have been added for your convenience but the site does not offer guarantee that the information presented on third parties would be reliable nor does it provide insight into their privacy policy, which you have to check by yourself.

The terms of use and privacy policy of the other websites would be solely their own and you must agree to abide by them before you can utilize the platform. You are free to disagree with any of the terms and prohibited from using the site altogether.

For Queries, Contact Us!

At this website, you are welcomed to come forward with queries as well as to discuss your concerns.

Additionally, we also suggest that you regularly visit this page to see if the privacy policy has been updated. The site does reserve the right to incorporate changes with or without prior notice. However, if the changes concern the users directly, they would almost always be mentioned on the homepage clearly.