How To Visit An Inmate In Prison

Almost all prisons allow selective people to visit an inmate but only if they adhere to certain rules and regulations. The following visitation guide will walk you through everything you need to know about paying your relative or friend a visit in jail.

You Need To Apple Before The Visitation Procedure

The most important thing is to timely file an application for the visit or else you will not be allowed access.

The application is quite simple. You just need to provide your full name, contact address, a bit of history, and some other data that can help the authority run a background check on you.

Keep in mind that prison offers have a lot of reasons to turn down your request. This is especially common if you have recently served time yourself or are currently facing a court case. Typically, victims of the particular inmate and those with protective orders are also not allowed to visit.

Tip: The application process can take up to 6 weeks so make sure you apply timely.

Clear All Doubts For First Time Visitors

If you are a first time visitor, you will have to get your name on the inmate visiting form. This is a type of list that determines specific people allowed to visit an inmate. Consequently, you need to provide your name, phone number, and address for it.

It is actually up to the prison authorities what information they request of you. Nonetheless, whatever they require is necessary before you can visit.

Not Everybody Is Allowed To Visit The Inmate

Friends, family members, employers, and attorneys are allowed to visit although there may be specific limitations. This implies that just because you are on the list does not mean you will be rewarded a meeting every time.

Contrary to popular belief, kids are allowed to visit as well. However, there is a special visitation form for minors and the obligation to submit birth certificate. If kids behave rudely, they might be asked to leave immediately.

Tip: Do not take kids to meet inmates who have history of child abuse.

Guests Are Not Allowed Outside Visit Hours

Regardless of who is visiting, adhering to meeting times is a must. In fact, we suggest that you double check with the authorities before coming over.

Also note that authorities hold the right to cancel a visit if need be. This also implies if the inmate is put on lockdown between the time of your application approval and time of visit.

Tip: You can confirm if the visit is still on by calling the authorities.

Moreover, do not forget to come with proper identification papers. Even if you have been allowed for the visit, they will need to identify you at the time of arrival.

There Is a Devised Dress Code

It is important to keep your dressing in check when you go for a prison visit as the meeting can be cancelled if the authorities find your clothing to be inappropriate.

Needless to say, dressing up like an inmate for prison visit is not allowed. Only decent cloths are permitted. Moreover, you should be fully dressed with shoes and preferably avoid suits that expose body parts.

Tip: Dress as business-like and formal as you can to avoid any trouble.

Visiting An Inmate Online

It is possible to set up an internet meeting with your loved one in prison although not all correctional facilities offer this. Those that do are definitely providing a safer meaner to connect with an inmate.

Visitors need to get in touch with the authority at the specific center to confirm if online visitation via video is allowed or not.